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Foster Garden Center and Knowlton Landscapes: Growing Through Grouping

For nine years, Jean-Samuel Maynard has been participating in the activities and events of the cooperative. One might even say he is doubly a member since both the garden center and the landscaping company he heads are part of the network.

« Groupex really occupies an important place in the industry, a weight that makes a difference when you face difficult situations. The co-op is there for you! »

Jean-Samuel Maynard, co-owner, Foster Garden Center and Knowlton Landscapes

« To date, I am not aware of any other association like Groupex that plays the role of a purchasing group. We are part of other useful groups for networking, such as APPQ, but they don’t have the monetary benefits of Groupex. »

Groupex: Supporting Its Members

Like all horticultural businesses, Maynard’s were heavily shaken during COVID, and the co-op greatly helped them with supply issues. It’s thanks to the cooperative that we have strengthened our efforts in sourcing. Clearly, being members of Groupex at that time saved us!

« I called the team for a problem, and in one day, it was solved! »

He also recounts that the co-op is always there to support its members. The entrepreneur also addresses another major challenge faced by many businesses: the shortage of staff, particularly on construction sites. “I participate in the co-op’s program to bring in labor from abroad, which is really helpful. But I think this is an issue that Groupex will increasingly have to contribute to because it’s the challenge of the coming years.

Groupex Benefits: Savings, Learning, and Sharing Among Members

Beyond saving time and money, Maynard believes that other aspects of the Groupex network are also very important, especially the opportunity to visit member businesses. “Whether it’s in terms of vehicle fleet, facilities, or work methods, we really enjoy discovering what others are doing, asking questions, and sharing tips.” Other opportunities like the annual congress and conferences are also valuable, according to him.

The proof that we believe in it is that we’ve already brought some of our friends into the co-op,” says Maynard. Any advice for businesses hesitant about becoming members? “I think it’s important that your business has reached a certain level, to better take advantage of the financial benefits. And that you’re ready to grow… because with Groupex, things really start moving quickly!

Cooperation Week 2023

The primary goal of this week is to raise public awareness about the value of cooperatives and to highlight how they contribute to the well-being of their members. In Canada, Cooperation Week takes place from October 15th to 21st, 2023. Groupex therefore wishes to proudly celebrate its status as a cooperative.

The strength of Cooperation in 2023

For us, what binds us enriches us, and each member is an important player. Just like you, our coop members are owners of small or large businesses. Each of them brings their knowledge, skills, and experience to the table;

Why are cooperatives so special? 

At the heart of a cooperative, you find a philosophy of sharing. Imagine a place where your voice echoes with the same strength as everyone else’s, where profits are shared fairly. Visualize a structure that, even in the face of headwinds, remains stable and rooted in its community. It’s this democracy, this constant concern for the well-being of its members, that makes cooperatives so special in your eyes.

Top 5 reasons to partner with Groupex Horticultural Cooperative

  1. Supply Benefits: The best pricing conditions, payment terms, and delivery times. Additionally, a pre-approved Groupex credit line facilitates transactions with our suppliers, without the administrative hassles.
  2. Access to a Wider Variety of Products and Services: More than 180 partnerships with top suppliers in the horticultural industry.
  3. Save Time: A single statement twice a month for all your transactions. The cooperative’s team is at your disposal.
  4. Volume Discounts and Profits: 100% of the volume discounts and profits of the cooperative are returned to you.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: We provide platforms and create events that allow our entrepreneurs to exchange information and ideas.
Gabriel Tougas Leclerc t’explique la croissance de son entreprise grâce à Groupex

Your journey to Groupex Horticultural Cooperative: How to join?

The path to your integration at Groupex is designed to be simple and transparent. Here’s how to navigate it: : 

  • The initial approach: It all starts with an exchange. Sébastien Cordeau, ready to guide you, is waiting. Whether you choose to contact him directly or fill out the form, he will be your first point of reference.
  • File and affinities: Once in contact, you will receive a membership form and a checklist of documents. These tools will help to assess the compatibility between your vision and that of the cooperative.
  • The careful eye of the council: With all the information provided, your file will pass under the eyes of our board of directors, who will validate your entry.
  • The warm welcome: Once approved, you will be fully integrated into Groupex. Trainings, meetings, and special moments will be offered to familiarize you with your new environment.

Basic Criteria:

ou have:

  • The same values as us.
  • A thriving and vibrant business in gardening/landscaping/decking.
  • Plenty of ideas and the boldness to want to share them.
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity.
  • Solid financial statements.
  • A positive working capital. Good news, so do we

Joining Groupex Horticultural Cooperative offers a unique opportunity for your business. It means connecting with a community where every individual has their place, where mutual aid and solidarity are at the heart of exchanges. Are you ready to join us in this wonderful adventure?