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About the Horticultural Coop

The Horticultural Coop was founded in 1987 with the mission of supporting and promoting the success of businesses in the horticultural sector. Since its inception, Groupex has strived to provide its members with the best products, services, and advice, relying on a solid foundation of partnerships and a deep understanding of the industry. The cooperative aims to strengthen the competitiveness of its members by negotiating advantageous purchasing conditions, sharing knowledge and experiences, and building a cohesive community of entrepreneurs passionate about horticulture.
Groupex stands out for its cooperative structure, which emphasizes the sharing of profits and knowledge among its members. Unlike traditional organizations, Groupex is guided by the interests and needs of its members, resulting in initiatives and policies focused on creating long-term value for them. In addition, its extensive network of partners and collaborative approach make it a unique player in the horticultural sector, capable of offering an unmatched diversity and quality of products and services.
As of 2023, the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative has more than 115 members across Quebec, demonstrating its extensive presence and diverse support within the provincial horticultural sector.
You benefit from a multidisciplinary team fully committed to the success of your business, whether you are a member or a cooperative supplier. The departments within the headquarters include procurement, accounting, sustainability, and marketing.

Questions relating to members

As a member of Groupex, you benefit from favorable pricing conditions, with flexible payment terms and optimized delivery times. You also have access to a pre-approved line of credit that simplifies your transactions. You enjoy a wide range of products and services thanks to more than 180 partnerships. You save time with a single account statement for all your transactions and a dedicated team at your disposal. Finally, all volume discounts and profits of the cooperative are fully passed on to you.
To join Groupex, you start by making contact, either by calling Sébastien Cordeau directly or by filling out an online form. You will then receive a membership form and a list of documents to provide. Your application will be reviewed by our board of directors who will validate your membership. Once approved, you will be fully integrated and will benefit from training, meetings, and events to familiarize yourself with the Groupex environment
o become a member, your company must share the cooperative's values, be active in the garden center, landscaping, or decking sector, and show potential for growth and innovation. You must have an annual purchasing capacity of at least $100,000 and present solid financial statements and a positive working capital.
As a member, you automatically benefit from the volume discounts negotiated by the cooperative. These discounts are applied directly to your purchases. Moreover, the profits generated by the cooperative are redistributed among the members at the end of the year, proportionally to your purchase volume.
Groupex provides you access to a wide range of products and services, thanks to its partnerships with over 180 leading suppliers in the horticultural industry. This includes everything from plants and landscaping materials to specialized equipment and tools, as well as consulting and technical support services.
After your membership at Groupex, you will be warmly welcomed and will have access to various training sessions and meetings to familiarize yourself with the services and members of the cooperative. You will discover the tools and processes of Groupex, and you will be able to participate in networking events to connect with other members

Questions relating to suppliers

Doing business with Coop suppliers as a member of Groupex offers significant financial benefits. Members enjoy concrete savings through favorable pricing conditions, flexible payment terms, and optimized delivery times. Additionally, our loyalty program provides an increasing rebate based on the member's loyalty. By purchasing more from cooperative suppliers, members increase their annual rebate, further enhancing the economic benefits of being part of our cooperative.
We choose our suppliers ensuring that they share our core values of sharing, innovation, courage, fairness, and respect. Each partnership is based on meeting the needs of our members, ensuring that each new supplier first addresses a specific need
1. Payment Guarantee: Thanks to the Groupex credit margin previously provided to all our Coop members.
2. Time Savings: Thanks to centralized billing.
3. Access to an Established Network: Benefit from direct access to an established network of entrepreneurs in landscaping and gardening.
4. Increase in Sales Volume: With access to more than 115 entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to expand your client base and significantly increase your sales.
5. Increased Visibility and Reputation: Attract new customers and strengthen your reputation in the market.
6. Access to a Constant Flow of Customers: Ensures regular supply of orders and contracts, which can contribute to the financial stability of your business.
7. Long-Term Relationships: Creates opportunities for ongoing collaboration and mutually beneficial business partnerships.
You need to fill out the form available on the "Become a Supplier" page of our website. Make sure to meet the basic criteria mentioned in the form and send us all the required documents.
Once the form is filled out, our procurement team will conduct an analysis and will get in touch with you.

Questions relating to our brands

To learn more about the "Maître Paysagiste" certification, you can visit the following website: https://www.maitrepaysagiste.com/.
Reputation: Proudly bear the "Maître Paysagiste" certification, a recognized seal in the field. This allows you to use it in all your communications, uniforms, trucks, website, etc.
Marketing Campaign: Shine in a marketing campaign where the "Maître Paysagiste" is seen as the elite of landscapers in Quebec, featured in various recognized media.
Exposure Opportunity: Participate in promoting the certification by sharing photos of your projects, which will be used in web advertising campaigns and on social networks (Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram) of "Maître Paysagiste".
Web Presence: Be featured on the "Maître Paysagiste" website.
Pride: Be part of a rigorous selection process.
Networking and Experience Sharing: Benefit from networking and sharing experiences at enriching events with other recognized and passionate landscapers.
Events for Growth and Inspiration: Access to special events such as "Maître Paysagiste" half-days with renowned speakers, training sessions, and more.
Decision-Making Role: Opportunity to be part of the decision-making committee for "Maître Paysagiste" projects.
Promotional Tools: Access to a promotional toolkit signed "Maître Paysagiste".
Customer Feedback: Opportunity to receive customer feedback through satisfaction surveys.
Quality Service Program: Be part of a service quality program called Qualimaître and receive annual report results.
To become a "Maître Paysagiste", contact Mélanie Gilbert at 581-992-9316 or by email at melanie.gilbert@groupex.coop.

The perfect time to join one of our banners is between August and September. This enables an autumn onboarding, ensuring readiness for the upcoming year.

Joining Passion Jardins grants your business the advantage of support, marketing savvy, and the robustness of a distinguished network that unites the most skilled and fervent horticulturists.

The banner's vibrant marketing strategy encompasses:

- A steering committee for banner-related projects;
- A regularly refreshed website featuring blog posts and plant information sheets;
- An extensive array of both print and digital flyers;
- An inspirational magazine in both print and digital forms for your clientele;
- Online advertising initiatives (including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and web banners);
- Passion Jardins branded products, an exclusive house brand;
- A melodious in-store music atmosphere;
- Merchandising services tailored for your garden center;
- Strategic partnerships boosting the Passion Jardins brand, including RICARDO, Laura Pigeon, Mjardiner, Chloé Comte, Hélène Baril, and Je Jardine;
- A dedicated and interactive social media community, along with the Passion Jardins newsletter.
Partnering with Passion Jardins equips your business with an extensive marketing program and an array of tools designed to enhance your sales performance. To align with the Passion Jardins brand, your company is required to fulfill specific quality criteria.

For further details, reach out to Mélanie Turbis at 514-266-1060 or via email at melanie.turbis@groupex.coop.

The basic criteria for becoming a Member

You have :

  • The same values as us
  • A booming and vibrant gardening/landscape/deck building business
  • A mind full of ideas and the audacity to share them
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity
  • Solid financial statements
  •  Positive working capital

That’s good; so do we!

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The basic criteria for becoming a Supplier

You have:

  • The same values as us
  • Delivery reliability: A solid reputation in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and reliability in supplying the products requested. Ability to supply a majority of our members.
  • Product quality: The products supplied must be of high quality, meet the standards and requirements specified, and conform to the members’ expectations.
  • Production or distribution capacity: The supplier must be able to meet the demand of all members in terms of production/distribution volume and the ability to adjust according to member demand
  • Competitive prices: As part of a buying group, members expect competitive prices so that they can maintain a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Customer service: The supplier must provide excellent customer service, be responsive and proactive to member requests and provide adequate support in the event of a problem or question.
  • Respond to a need: Ensure that needs are filled in terms of the supply of goods and services to our members.
  • Reputation and references: The supplier’s reputation in the market, as well as their references from other customers can be taken into account to assess their credibility and professionalism.
  • Ability to innovate: A supplier that is capable of providing innovative solutions and proposing new products or improvements can be an asset for members and help them stand out from the competition.
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