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Our Horticultural Coop is a business solution for entrepreneurs, but our two brands, Maître Paysagiste and Passion Jardins, are designed for consumers. Granted exclusively our members, the Horticultural Coop’s brands provide unique expertise and marketing strategies adapted to your situation.

Maître Paysagiste

Maître Paysagiste

The 21 certified Maître Paysagiste are elite entrepreneurs in the landscaping sector throughout Quebec. They are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and high-quality work. These companies are annually evaluated by Qualimaître, a process that aims to control the quality of their service sites through a satisfaction survey. United in their commitment to innovate and continuously improve their customer service, they work together to raise the industry standards.

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The benefits of becoming a Maître Paysagiste

By joining the Master Landscaper family, you enter a network of landscapers renowned for their expertise and reputation. Carrying the Master Landscaper seal means having a certification that reassures consumers and is synonymous with a quality customer experience. You will also benefit from the enrichment provided by our unifying events, our training focused on personal development and customer service available for your entire team. You will also have access to personalized promotional items, signed Maître Paysagiste.

Master's Hands!

The Master Landscaper marketing campaign enhances its members with this renowned certification. It highlights the excellence of its entrepreneurs and the quality of their works through the media. It shines as a hallmark of excellence in the field.

Together, We Go Further

It’s primarily a tight-knit community, where members form meaningful connections. They exchange, share their experiences, understand each other, and above all, they all aspire to excellence.

Building Excellence, Continuously.

In a process of continuous improvement, this also allows you to have access to training focused on personal development and customer service. This also involves participating in a program called Qualimaître, which is an annual evaluation focusing on customer experience, project site assessment, and the dissemination of brand image.

A Symbol of Excellence

It is a matter of pride to carry the Master Landscaper certification, a seal recognized in the field. You will have the opportunity to use it in all your communications, uniforms, trucks, website, etc. This identity is reassuring for consumers.

Some work done by our Maître Paysagiste members

G.T.L. Paysagiste
Prestige Paysage
La Pinière - Paysagiste architecte
Signé Garneau
Ô Naturel - Aménagement paysager
Martel Paysagiste
La Pinière - Paysagiste architecte
Les Innovations paysagées Ladouceur
Prestige Paysage
G.T.L. Paysagiste
G.T.L. Paysagiste
Dubois Aménagement
Dubois Aménagement
Services Paysagers Dominique Filion
Services Paysagers Dominique Filion
Bergeron Paysagiste - Les Embellissements des Deux-Rives Teronet Paysagiste
Paysagistes Chantal Lambert et ass.
Brisson Paysagiste
Bergeron Paysagiste - Les Embellissements des Deux-Rives Teronet Paysagiste
Bélanger Paysagiste
Dominique Filion
Paysagiste Andryves
Signé Garneau
G.T.L. Paysagiste
Brisson Paysagiste

Passion Jardins

Passion Jardins

Passion Jardins brings together 26 garden centers across Quebec (and one in Ontario). Our mission: to democratize gardening and share our passion for “everything that grows.” By combining our marketing resources, we benefit from greater national advertising power.

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Why Join Passion Jardins? Unveiling the Advantages

By joining the Passion Jardins family, you gain access to a world of unparalleled opportunities and support. Our network, known for its expertise and strength, is the fertile ground where the most experienced and passionate horticulturists meet and thrive. By joining us, you will benefit not only from our ongoing support, but also from our sharp marketing expertise, designed to unleash the potential of your business. At Passion Jardins, we cultivate success together, sharing our knowledge, passion, and dedication to horticulture, thereby ensuring that each member of our network can flourish and prosper in this enriching environment.

Performance Accelerator

The banner’s marketing program, combined with the strength of the group and the established brand recognition, will elevate your garden center to another level.

Further Together

Above all, these are members who help each other, reach out, and constantly seek to innovate. You will find invaluable support through this beautiful community.

An Exclusive In-House Brand

High-quality, environmentally friendly gardening products at a good price, developed in collaboration with specialists from our entire network of garden centers.

A Little, A Lot, Passionately, Madl

The Passion Jardins merchants possess a contagious energy and above all, wish to share their passion and expertise by focusing on the customer experience.

Proud Passion Jardins Members

Centre jardin Foster et Paysages Knowlton
Ferme Guyon
Serres Pierre Brisebois et Fils
Serres Dame Nature
Les Serres Laliberté
Serres Lavoie
Serres & Jardins Girouard

The basic criteria for becoming a Member

You have :

  • The same values as us
  • A booming and vibrant gardening/landscape/deck building business
  • A mind full of ideas and the audacity to share them
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity
  • Solid financial statements
  •  Positive working capital

That’s good; so do we!

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The basic criteria for becoming a Supplier

You have:

  • The same values as us
  • Delivery reliability: A solid reputation in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and reliability in supplying the products requested. Ability to supply a majority of our members.
  • Product quality: The products supplied must be of high quality, meet the standards and requirements specified, and conform to the members’ expectations.
  • Production or distribution capacity: The supplier must be able to meet the demand of all members in terms of production/distribution volume and the ability to adjust according to member demand
  • Competitive prices: As part of a buying group, members expect competitive prices so that they can maintain a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Customer service: The supplier must provide excellent customer service, be responsive and proactive to member requests and provide adequate support in the event of a problem or question.
  • Respond to a need: Ensure that needs are filled in terms of the supply of goods and services to our members.
  • Reputation and references: The supplier’s reputation in the market, as well as their references from other customers can be taken into account to assess their credibility and professionalism.
  • Ability to innovate: A supplier that is capable of providing innovative solutions and proposing new products or improvements can be an asset for members and help them stand out from the competition.
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