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Aménagement Grenon : Knowing how to surround yourself weell

 In addition to guaranteeing us good prices, Groupex is a very interesting family: the members really support each other

Stéphane Grenon, owner of Aménagement Grenon

The only child, Stéphane Grenon, represents the third generation to helm the family horticultural business, established in Laterrière (Chicoutimi) since 1948. Following his grandfather François-Xavier and his father Marc, it’s now his turn to wear the many hats required to be an entrepreneur in the fields of landscaping, maintenance, and retail.

Supported by his partner Marie-Pier, who primarily ensures the smooth operation of the Aménagement Grenon garden center, Stéphane can also rely on a dedicated team of 45 people, more than half of whom are part of the landscaping department.

« My oldest employee has been here for at least 35 years,” he says with pride. “After that, I have many field staff who have been with us for 20 or 25 years. It pleases me that people stay for a long time. »

Despite having a core of long-standing employees, the labor shortage affecting all sectors in Quebec still compels the business owner to invest significant efforts in recruitment and improving working conditions within his company, particularly through acquiring increasingly advanced equipment. 2023 was the first year that foreign workers came to assist the Aménagement Grenon team.

To meet these challenges, mutual support among companies is also very important. “We’re not in competition… we even refer clients to each other!” he says, citing the support from Rébéca Rouleau, owner of Serres Dame Nature, a Groupex member business that regularly collaborates with his company.

Rapid transformation

From the age of 12, Stéphane spent his summers in the office running small errands for his father. Around the age of 15, he began to truly frequent the job sites to get acquainted with manual outdoor work. Then he pursued a college education in industrial electronics, all while continuing to be employed at Aménagement Grenon.

The least that can be said is that the company has changed significantly since Stéphane took over the leadership – and even more so since the very first greenhouse made by François-Xavier Grenon! One of the departments that Stéphane sought to expand quickly was retail sales, which now accounts for 40% of his revenue:

I’ve invested a lot in the garden center and since then, we’ve practically tripled… both in terms of revenue and size. At that time, it was important for us to be part of a group like Passion Jardins because we were still very small compared to the big chains. We wanted to standardize the image, make it more professional.”

Stéphane is proud of the revaluation approach that sets his company apart, and he wishes to continue promoting it: “Unlike companies that want to sell only new items, we encourage our clients to repurpose existing elements like shrubs, paving stones… It reduces costs for them and prevents waste.” 

Excellence and commitment honored at the annual congress of the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative

At the last annual congress of the Groupex horticultural cooperative, held on February 22 at the Entourage sur le Lac hotel, the horticultural community gathered to celebrate the excellence and commitment of its members. Hosted by comedian Jean-François Baril, the gala evening was an opportunity to highlight the members of the cooperative.

Deserved recognition for Manon Lavoie and Véronique Pepin

The Cooperator of the year award is a distinction given to Groupex members who have demonstrated exceptional involvement, contributing significantly to the growth and evolution of the cooperative and the horticultural sector. This year’s winners, Manon Lavoie and Véronique Pepin, stood out for their innovative initiative in training, showing remarkable commitment to cooperation and professional development. This award highlights the importance of individual commitment in serving collective goals, celebrating the synergy between entrepreneurship and cooperative values, essential for the success and sustainability of the cooperative.

Cooperator of the year, photo credit : Stéphane Bourgeois

Celebration of excellence and commitment

The evening was also an opportunity to present the Quercus trophies, recognizing member companies for their performance and commitment to the cooperative and its values. The winners, selected for their contribution to the growth and influence of Groupex, were praised for their strategic approach and active participation in the cooperative.

Among the highlights, the companies Serres Dame Nature and Multi Vrac Écono were honored for their exceptional belonging and dedication to the gardening sector, while Réflexe Paysage and Regard Vert were rewarded for their excellence in the landscaping sector. Serres Laliberté landscaper and garden center and Horti-Plus were also honored for their commitment and contribution to the sector.

Réflex Paysage ,Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois
Regard Vert, Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois
Serres Laliberté, Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois

Commitment to Sustainable Development

The company Repères was honored with the Quercus for Sustainable Development at the annual Groupex congress, highlighting its deep commitment to sustainable development. Repères stands out for its innovative projects, such as the creation of a community garden in collaboration with the Collaborative Gardens, using a gravity-fed irrigation system. Additionally, the company designed an outdoor festive space using recycled materials, demonstrating its commitment to the environment. These initiatives illustrate Repères’ holistic approach, integrating sustainability into its operations while making a positive contribution to its community and the environment.

Celebration of Youth and innovation

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award was given to the horticultural center Foliflor, highlighting the dynamism and creativity of this young enterprise that brings innovative ideas and a breath of fresh air to the sector.

The success of this evening reflects the spirit of collaboration and innovation that drives the Groupex horticultural cooperative, and confirms its essential role in supporting and valuing professionals in the sector.

An enlightening annual congress for the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative.

On February 21 and 22, 2024, the idyllic setting of the Hotel Entourage on the Lake, in the heart of the beautiful Quebec region, hosted the congress and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Groupex horticultural cooperative. This eagerly anticipated annual gathering broke participation records with 84 companies out of the 120 in our cooperative attending. This event marked a decisive turning point in our history, symbolizing our commitment to innovation and shared success.

A year of ambitious projects

This year’s congress was a catalyst for significant change for Groupex, heralding the rollout of several major projects that redefine our direction and image. Under the leadership of our president, Pierre Dagenais, we unveiled a series of key initiatives: a new, vibrant brand image, the launch of a completely revamped website, and the introduction of an enhanced extranet, all designed to strengthen our online presence and improve member services. These changes signify a profound digital transformation within the cooperative..

Pierre Dagenais, our President, with a contagious smile, exclaims:

This investment project, I tell you, is the most exciting and motivating one I’ve had the pleasure to lead. We are experiencing a real revolution at Groupex!

Inspiring highlights

The event kicked off with the notable presence of our strategic partners. It was a unique opportunity for them to showcase their services, highlighting the importance of their role and the value they bring to our cooperative. The event was especially marked by a particularly inspiring speech by Jean Martin Fortier, the renowned market gardener famous for his entrepreneurial success. Jean Martin Fortier’s testimony not only inspired our members with his authentic and sustainable approach but also sowed many enriching parallels with our own world of horticulture. These ideas took root among us, reinforcing our commitment to practices that value well-being and personal development. Jean Martin’s passion for responsible agriculture and its positive impact on communities resonated with our values, reminding us of the importance of staying true to our principles. By placing people and the environment at the center of all our decisions, we cultivate not only our gardens but also our community, rooting our work in sustainability and harmony.

This congress was a celebration of our raison d’être. We are committed to providing a framework where each member can thrive and succeed. That is the very essence of Groupex.

Sébastien Cordeau, general Manager of Groupex

Jean Martin Fortier’s testimony not only inspired our members with his authentic and sustainable approach but also sowed many enriching parallels with our own world of horticulture.

The unveiling of our new brand image and the HECTAR member space marked a key moment of the congress, illustrating our commitment to innovation and ongoing support for our members..

With these new developments, we are ready to embrace the future. Offering these personalized beers is our way of celebrating this new chapter together.

Mélanie Turbis, our Marketing director,

Foster Garden Center and Knowlton Landscapes: Growing Through Grouping

For nine years, Jean-Samuel Maynard has been participating in the activities and events of the cooperative. One might even say he is doubly a member since both the garden center and the landscaping company he heads are part of the network.

« Groupex really occupies an important place in the industry, a weight that makes a difference when you face difficult situations. The co-op is there for you! »

Jean-Samuel Maynard, co-owner, Foster Garden Center and Knowlton Landscapes

« To date, I am not aware of any other association like Groupex that plays the role of a purchasing group. We are part of other useful groups for networking, such as APPQ, but they don’t have the monetary benefits of Groupex. »

Groupex: Supporting Its Members

Like all horticultural businesses, Maynard’s were heavily shaken during COVID, and the co-op greatly helped them with supply issues. It’s thanks to the cooperative that we have strengthened our efforts in sourcing. Clearly, being members of Groupex at that time saved us!

« I called the team for a problem, and in one day, it was solved! »

He also recounts that the co-op is always there to support its members. The entrepreneur also addresses another major challenge faced by many businesses: the shortage of staff, particularly on construction sites. “I participate in the co-op’s program to bring in labor from abroad, which is really helpful. But I think this is an issue that Groupex will increasingly have to contribute to because it’s the challenge of the coming years.

Groupex Benefits: Savings, Learning, and Sharing Among Members

Beyond saving time and money, Maynard believes that other aspects of the Groupex network are also very important, especially the opportunity to visit member businesses. “Whether it’s in terms of vehicle fleet, facilities, or work methods, we really enjoy discovering what others are doing, asking questions, and sharing tips.” Other opportunities like the annual congress and conferences are also valuable, according to him.

The proof that we believe in it is that we’ve already brought some of our friends into the co-op,” says Maynard. Any advice for businesses hesitant about becoming members? “I think it’s important that your business has reached a certain level, to better take advantage of the financial benefits. And that you’re ready to grow… because with Groupex, things really start moving quickly!

Landscaping open doors : a memorable day at the heart of Eco-verdure’s universe

Every year, the Horticultural Cooperative Groupex organizes an essential meeting for the landscaping sector. This annual event is an opportunity for all our members to gain inspiration, network, and share experiences.

It was on September 9th that our members attended the 2023 edition of the Landscaping Open Doors Groupex. Over 100 members and 13 industry suppliers gathered at one of our members, based in Richelieu.


Eco-Verdure, renowned for its expertise in creating green spaces, is now a member of the family,  Services paysagers Dominique Filion a pillar of the sector. This strategic collaboration offered a fresh perspective on trends and quality in landscaping.


From 8:30 am, the excitement was palpable. For some, it was a discovery; for others, it was a rewarding reunion with peers. Eco-Verdure, as the host, proudly unveiled its landscaping masterpieces that combine aesthetics and functionality.


The highlight of the day? The guided tours by the Eco-Verdure team of four of their favorite projects from recent years. A unique opportunity for participants to interact directly with the Eco-Verdure team, understand their choices and techniques. The feedback was unanimous: admiration and inspiration.


Never before had an edition attracted so many. More than 100 members and 13 expert suppliers testified to the growing popularity of this annual initiative.

Wow, what a day! The teamwork between Eco-Verdure and Groupex was phenomenal. Thank you all for your energy and passion!

Maxime Proulx, Co-owner of Eco-Verdure
Hugo Landry, Dominique Filion & Maxime Proulx,
équipe Eco-Verdure 2023

Meet at Paysalia: An Inspiring Journey with the Cooperative!

When you think of a business trip, you probably imagine endless meetings in impersonal conference rooms. At Groupex, it’s quite different! We have transformed the concept of a business trip to include enjoyment, inspiration, and learning.

When Paris and Lyon call us…

We are pleased to announce that our next inspirational trip will take place from December 2 to 9, where our lucky members will have the opportunity to visit not just one, but two iconic cities in France: Paris and Lyon!

A breathtaking program

For our participants, this trip will be an adventure filled with discoveries. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits them:

Visiting renowned companies in the field: Meeting with professionals who energize the industry and discovering behind the scenes of major players in landscaping. An ongoing project: Real-time observation of the transformation of a space, from idea to realization, and diving into the creative process. A completed project: Discovering the breathtaking achievements of our peers. Visiting landscaping schools: Exploring the places where the next generation of landscapers is trained, and having enriching exchanges with students and teachers.

Paysalia: More than a trade show, an experience!

But the highlight will undoubtedly be our participation in the very famous Paysalia show in Lyon. For those who don’t know, Paysalia is the leading trade show for the landscaping profession in France. It’s not just an exhibition space, it’s a true crossroads of innovations, trends, and exchanges for all landscape professionals. From conferences to demonstrations, including meetings with suppliers and industry experts, Paysalia is a must-attend event for any landscaper wanting to stay on top of their game.

The magic of the cooperative

Let me tell you, the success of this trip was not a surprise. In less than a month, all the registrations were completed. Why such enthusiasm? Because these trips are not just “trips.” They offer real added value in terms of learning, networking, and discovery. It’s the perfect opportunity for our members to step out of their comfort zone, acquire new skills, and get inspired by the best practices of the trade.

Are you envious?

For you reading this article thinking, “I should have been part of it,” I have news for you. These trips are exclusively reserved for members of our cooperative. The good news? It’s never too late to join us! Becoming a member means benefiting from a solid network, accessing valuable resources, and, of course, participating in our famous inspirational trips.

Membership application form >

Groupex et Passion Jardins welcome you to Ferme Guyon.

Founded in 2004 by André and Sébastien Dion, Ferme Guyon in Chambly is today a vast garden center, an educational farm, and a popular market focused on Quebec terroir products. Meeting with the president and CEO of a company that places interpersonal relationships at the center of all its initiatives.

“I think it was after my bachelor’s degree in accounting that my entrepreneurial spirit really emerged!” recalls Sébastien Dion, who studied at HEC Montréal, then continued his training at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and in the popular brewery led by his father: Unibroue.

“I quickly realized that, much more than accounting, it was customer contact, marketing, and sales that fascinated me.”

Sébastien recounts that he was the general manager of the family business when Sleeman offered to buy it in 2004. “I was supposed to continue working there for 2 years, but I only stayed 2 months! Because my father and I were elsewhere: we wanted to create a garden center that did things differently.” Thus, André and Sébastien went to Europe to visit various types of garden centers and draw inspiration from them. “It was mainly focused on the customer experience, with themes and beautiful model gardens, so people would stay longer and have a good time.”

Back in Chambly, father and son set to work to start their project… which still had no name. “Since there was already a Dion garden center in Sainte-Thérèse, we had to find something else!” he jokes. “So, we decided to keep the name my father had created a long time ago when he bought the land: Ferme Guyon.” A building and greenhouses appeared, and the co-founders were ready to welcome their first customers.

Listening, Mutual Aid, and Personalization

In the early days of their new kind of garden center, André and Sébastien were constantly asked where the animals of their “farm” were. Given this enthusiasm, they gradually populated Ferme Guyon with chickens, cows, goats, etc. “Then, we quickly realized that people were curious: they asked us questions about the color of eggs, how to make milk or honey, for example. We thought it would be good to add an educational component,” says the CEO.

Thus, in 2011, the educational farm and butterfly house of Ferme Guyon were born; two activities very popular with school groups in the region. “I think it’s very important to be present on the ground and to listen to customers. Perhaps that’s my father’s greatest legacy,” he confides. “Let’s say that if we had stuck to our business plan, the Farm wouldn’t look anything like it does today! We’ve diversified a lot, and that gave us a good hand during the pandemic.”

The CEO of Ferme Guyon reflects on the major lessons he draws from the growth of his business:

“A business relationship is not just a negotiation. I think we need to be real partners, friends above all. My goal is to create a relationship. The same goes for our team; the atmosphere is familial.”

Sébastien Dion

It is with this in mind that he decided to join Groupex in 2021, and then the Passion Jardins banner in 2022: “Mutual aid is so important! At one point during the pandemic, I found myself in a tight spot and called Martin [Girouard, from Serres Girouard, a member of Groupex]. He agreed to help me before I even told him what I needed.” According to Sébastien, in an era where everything can be bought online, it is personalization and excellent service that allow businesses to stand out. You have to give people reasons to visit the premises and maintain a connection with them.

“I like the way Passion Jardins highlights the people behind each initiative. It aligns very well with our approach. Our farmer’s market has always been centered on people – who makes the bread, cheese, chocolate… We also focus a lot on local purchasing, for example, by participating in the Chambly en boîte project. So, it was really logical for us to join the coop!”

After investing several years in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Bassin de Chambly, Sébastien intends to continue giving back to his community in various ways. A long-time partner of the Société Alzheimer du Haut-Richelieu, his company plans to organize another monarch butterfly release fundraiser this fall. Recently, the business also invites small producers to rent a plot of land and take advantage of the visibility of its farmer’s market to sell their food.

Jardin Pro : A crossroads of expertise

When asked about the philosophy of Jardin Pro, the nursery she directs with her partner Andreas Nipkau in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, the first word that comes to Sonia Alberts’ mind is transmission – the transmission of knowledge, as well as the passion for gardening.

Since 1995, sharing expertise has been at the heart of Jardin Pro‘s mission, a family business that values collaboration and mutual aid, whether among its employees, with customers, or with other companies that are members of Groupex.

Inspired by her horticultural studies in Germany, Sonia Alberts returned to Quebec intending to start her own business (originally named Champs Fleuris St-Denis).

“I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so it’s in my DNA! My study program was very cooperative: students were paired with businesses. I learned a lot there,”

Sonia Alberts

Sonia refers to the very particular expertise she acquired from a European dahlia producer, which today allows Jardin Pro to stand out.

Building bridges

“In Germany, I also discovered the importance of knowledge transfer between experienced and beginner individuals,” adds Sonia. This master-apprentice learning model, widespread in Europe, deeply inspired her. “I understood the importance of passing on expertise from generation to generation, and that’s something we value today at Jardin Pro.”

The company she co-directs with Andreas Nipkau, which now employs 25 people, also utilizes the services of two of their children: David, who is responsible for a landscaping team, and Catherine, more interested in greenhouse production and the garden center. “We are very pleased that they want to invest in the business!”

David, Sonia, Catherine et Andreas

To build bridges between long-standing employees and new recruits, and to promote the diffusion of expertise, Sonia also implemented a “succession plan” at Jardin Pro: a large board where each staff member can indicate the knowledge they wish to acquire or share.

Nursery Team 2022
Landscaping Team 2022

“At our place, the person who holds the knowledge must be generous and show what they know to the younger employee. In return, the younger employee demonstrates interest and gratitude for what they are taught. As the nursery grows, new pairings are made.”

Sonia Alberts

Sharing among companies and with customers

When asked why her garden center is a member of Groupex, Sonia offers an answer inspired by the same philosophy. “Transmission among employees is very important, but mutual aid among companies is just as important!” she believes. “Some years are harder than others in horticulture, and it’s like a breath of fresh air to be able to discuss together, exchange tips, and encourage each other.”

The founder remembers the support offered by other sector companies – like Profil jardins, another member of our cooperative – in training Andreas upon his arrival in Quebec. “He is now a landscaper, but when we lived in Europe, he specialized in construction, natural gas, and water. It’s thanks to other good landscapers that he gained experience.”

Sonia and Andreas now share the direction of Jardin Pro; she, as head of landscaping, and he, as chief landscaper. “We complement each other from A to Z!” she exclaims. “I have a very pronounced social and creative side, and he is good with analytical tasks and fieldwork.”

Another vector for knowledge transmission at Jardin Pro is its participation in Groupex’s eco-responsible cohort. While sustainable development has been at the heart of the company’s reflections for many years, Sonia explains how her approach has transformed: now, from the first meeting for any landscaping project, the option to integrate more biodiversity is offered right in the contract.

“We have been proactive in sustainable development at the employee level for a long time, with a dedicated committee. But we also decided to do the same with our clientele: many want more sustainable projects, without knowing how to do it, and we suggest solutions. The enthusiasm is really there!”

Sonia Alberts

Serres Pierre Brisebois et Fils : On a family scale

Here is the translation of the text into Canadian English:

Since 1980, the horticultural company founded by Pierre and Diane Brisebois has been serving a very loyal clientele in Laval. Today, led by a second generation of managers, it has also been offering a thriving garden center for 15 years.

“When our long-time customers talk about our parents, it makes us nostalgic, but it’s always positive,” says Éric Brisebois, who now directs the family business with his brothers Philippe and Dominic, as well as his sister-in-law Marie-Ève.

« On se dit souvent : “Si seulement ils voyaient comment la compagnie a évolué… ils n’en croiraient pas leurs yeux!” On est fiers d’avoir réussi à continuer dans une voie qu’ils auraient aimée. »

Éric Brisebois, Co-owner

A gradual transition

The transfer of the business to the new generation of Brisebois was marked by some trials, particularly the death of its two founders four years apart. But today, Serres Pierre Brisebois et Fils (PBF) are stronger than ever: their vast production greenhouses and their garden center on Dagenais Boulevard are hugely successful. And their team of 18 people is made up of employees with several years of loyal service.

While Dominic got involved very early in plant production with his parents, Éric says that for him, the decision wasn’t necessarily straightforward: “After studying agronomy, I worked for four other companies in the horticultural sector before making my ‘return to the roots’,” he recalls. “Even though I was convinced I would never work for the family business, it seems it was ingrained in me! When my brother decided to build a garden center, I thought if I didn’t try, I would regret it.”

In 2010, Éric and Philippe joined Serres PBF, teaming up with their brother Dominic. “We’re all versatile, but each has a different strength. I think the business works well because we manage to really leverage each person’s strength.”

Today, Dominic mainly takes care of the greenhouses; Éric, the garden center; and Philippe is a ‘hybrid’ active on both sides, in addition to taking care of machinery repair and maintenance. The core of the business is completed by the indispensable Marie-Ève, Dominic’s wife, who handles accounting and purchases for the garden center.

A Family Atmosphere

Formerly specialized in wholesale, Serres PBF added a new string to their bow in 2007: retail sales. This expansion led to strong growth. To support it, the company relied on the support of Groupex, particularly for advertising and supply, not to mention the mutual aid between members, which Éric finds very important: he is also involved in the cooperative within the Passion Jardins committee as well as the committee that develops flyers for the banner.

“We are now at the peak of our growth: we could grow more, but we decided to stay on a more family scale. There are a lot of advantages to being a small team: our customers feel that they are not just numbers, we know their names and what they bought last time. It’s not even intentional: we’re just like that. My parents were too! And I think our customers appreciate it.”

– Éric Brisebois, Serres PBF

Regarding recent transformations, the manager also cites the new configuration of his garden center, whose public-accessible area was significantly expanded during the pandemic. “It was an idea to respond to sanitary measures, but we’re going to keep it. People love wandering in the section formerly reserved for production: they like to see how it happens, and they have much more choice than before!”

Pépinière Locas : Welcome to the third generation

Here is the translation of the text into Canadian English:

Well-established in Laval for several decades, the family business founded by Robert Locas and then taken over by his son Yoland is promised a bright future under the direction of Sébastien and Annie-Claude Locas, who are playing an increasingly active role.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to work with plants. You could say I fell into it when I was little! I don’t think there was ever a plan B,”

Sébastien Locas, responsible for plant purchases

Trained in agricultural business management at McGill University, Sébastien officially joined the nursery in 2004, a year before his sister Annie-Claude, who now oversees human resources and advertising. Supported by their father, who is still very involved in the business, as well as their mother Marie-Andrée, both are gradually taking over the popular garden center on Sainte-Rose Boulevard, in Fabreville.

“Even though the business transfer is underway, we especially don’t want to change its nature: there won’t be a ‘before’ and ‘after’,” reveals the entrepreneur, before adding: “It’s really a continuation, because my sister and I feel that the nursery is already in our image.”

Sébastien Locas

Pépinière Locas, Laval
Pépinière Locas, Laval

A Shared Passion

If Pépinière Locas was among the first members of Groupex, Sébastien recounts that it drifted away for some time before coming back strongly in 2019.

“Alone, we might go faster, but together, we go much further! We realized how precious it is for us to be able to discuss with other entrepreneurs. In essence, Groupex is like a big family of enthusiasts, and everyone who is part of it is happy to exchange and share.”

Sébastien Locas

Sébastien also does not hesitate to share his passion for plants with his customers, who have evolved a lot over the years, and his team, which grows from 35 to 70 people during the high season. Due to high demand all year round, the nursery has chosen to stay open even in winter, thanks to its Christmas-themed offerings.

“I love the contact with plants, and I’m proud to produce quality plants. It brings me a lot of satisfaction! Our tropical plant greenhouse is really impressive, and we notice that people are coming from increasingly far for it,” he says enthusiastically. Sébastien is also pleased that tropical plants and urban agriculture are attracting more and more young enthusiasts, largely thanks to social media.

Since its foundation, Locas Nursery has evolved according to the trends and needs of its clientele: for example, the purchase of large trees to beautify spacious grounds has gradually given way to small planters and balcony containers, more suited to the demographic reality and densification of the Laval territory.

The family business has also started offering specialized products for chicken breeding, when it noticed the interest of residents, as well as a wider range of products for the vegetable garden – another practice that is gaining more followers. The company is also very interested in technical innovations, especially those that save water or avoid the use of pesticides.

Always on the lookout for new trends, Annie-Claude and Sébastien are not about to stop implementing innovations and products at Locas Nursery: “We’ve always loved observing what is done elsewhere. We’ve traveled a lot in Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to visit garden centers, get inspired, and propose new ideas back home in Laval.”

Serres vivaces et annuelles
Équipe Pépinière Locas
Serres Pépinière Locas