Cultivate harmony

Co-op employees cultivate close ties with members.
Together we preserve the natural harmony of our Horticultural Coop.

The head office team is an extension

of your own team. We work hard every day

to make your daily life easier.


Sébastien Cordeau

Tel. : 418 838-7270 #226
Cell : 418.609.2751

Mélanie Turbis

Director of Customer Experience and Marketing
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #237
Cell : 514.266.1060

Bernard Marcotte

Director of Finance
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #223
Cell : 418.955.4367

Louise Lamarche

Head Accountant
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #239
Cell : 581.976.9773

Annick Giassion

Purchasing Coordinator
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #233
Cell : 438.377.6193

Marketing Team

Andréanne Bourque

Marketing Coordinator
Tel. : 418 838-7270 #231
Cell : 581.745.5802

Sarah Bourdages

Gardening Sector Marketing Coordinator/ Passion Jardins
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #232
Cell : 418.951.4363

Lloyd Miller

Landscaping sector Marketing Coordinator/ Maitre Paysagiste
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #222
Cell : 581.993.9316

Finance Team

Jenysse Labonté

Billing Coordinator
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #240
Cell : 581.745.6789

Noémie Bertrand

Billing Technician
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #224
Cell : 581.849.5943

Jessy Dufour Fournier

Billing Coordinator
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #241
Cell : 581.745.6545

France Dubé

Billing Technician
Tel. : 418 838-7270 #230
Cell : 581.849.4276

Lydie Marie

Billing Technician
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #242
Cell : 581.745.2381

Purchasing Team

Audrey Lemieux Walsh

Purchasing Agent - Gardening Sector
Cell : 581.849.6217

Caroline Tanguay

Purchasing Agent -Landscaping Sector
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #234
Cell : 581.989.6268

Isabelle Bolduc

Purchasing Assistant
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #243
Cell : 418.609.5820

Sustainable development

Magali Boutroy

Sustainable Development Officer
Tel. : 418.838.7270 #229
Cell : 581.999.0468

The basic criteria for becoming a Member

You have :

  • The same values as us
  • A booming and vibrant gardening/landscape/deck building business
  • A mind full of ideas and the audacity to share them
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity
  • Solid financial statements
  •  Positive working capital

That’s good; so do we!

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The basic criteria for becoming a Supplier

You have:

  • The same values as us
  • Delivery reliability: A solid reputation in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and reliability in supplying the products requested. Ability to supply a majority of our members.
  • Product quality: The products supplied must be of high quality, meet the standards and requirements specified, and conform to the members’ expectations.
  • Production or distribution capacity: The supplier must be able to meet the demand of all members in terms of production/distribution volume and the ability to adjust according to member demand
  • Competitive prices: As part of a buying group, members expect competitive prices so that they can maintain a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Customer service: The supplier must provide excellent customer service, be responsive and proactive to member requests and provide adequate support in the event of a problem or question.
  • Respond to a need: Ensure that needs are filled in terms of the supply of goods and services to our members.
  • Reputation and references: The supplier’s reputation in the market, as well as their references from other customers can be taken into account to assess their credibility and professionalism.
  • Ability to innovate: A supplier that is capable of providing innovative solutions and proposing new products or improvements can be an asset for members and help them stand out from the competition.
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