Cultivating fertile ground

for the future of our members

The Board is the co-op’s true ecosystem, and it harmonizes ideas, assesses risks and nurtures growth, while preserving balance and sustainability.
Its mission is to guide the co-op towards a flourishing future.

The Groupex Board of Directors are members who are very involved to ensure our cooperative’s success.

Pierre Dagenais

Tel. : 514 939-3577

Yannick Martel

Tel. : 450 649-4604

Sarah Bédard

Treasurer, Board Member
Tel. : 418 666-5518

Martin Girouard

Vice-President Gardening Sector
Tel. : 450 795-3309

Françis Leroux

Vice-President- Landscaping Sector
Tel. : 450 465-1319

Gabriel Tougas

Board Member
Tel. : 514 995-7806

Frédéric Jean

Board Member - under 35 years old
Tel. : 418 545-8014 poste 223

Maxime Proulx

Board Member - under 35 years old
Tel. : 450 708-1240

François Lessard

Board Member
Tel. : 819 583-2326

Diane Bouchard

External Board Member

The basic criteria for becoming a Member

You have :

  • The same values as us
  • A booming and vibrant gardening/landscape/deck building business
  • A mind full of ideas and the audacity to share them
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity
  • Solid financial statements
  •  Positive working capital

That’s good; so do we!

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The basic criteria for becoming a Supplier

You have:

  • The same values as us
  • Delivery reliability: A solid reputation in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and reliability in supplying the products requested. Ability to supply a majority of our members.
  • Product quality: The products supplied must be of high quality, meet the standards and requirements specified, and conform to the members’ expectations.
  • Production or distribution capacity: The supplier must be able to meet the demand of all members in terms of production/distribution volume and the ability to adjust according to member demand
  • Competitive prices: As part of a buying group, members expect competitive prices so that they can maintain a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Customer service: The supplier must provide excellent customer service, be responsive and proactive to member requests and provide adequate support in the event of a problem or question.
  • Respond to a need: Ensure that needs are filled in terms of the supply of goods and services to our members.
  • Reputation and references: The supplier’s reputation in the market, as well as their references from other customers can be taken into account to assess their credibility and professionalism.
  • Ability to innovate: A supplier that is capable of providing innovative solutions and proposing new products or improvements can be an asset for members and help them stand out from the competition.
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