Pépinière Locas : Welcome to the third generation

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Well-established in Laval for several decades, the family business founded by Robert Locas and then taken over by his son Yoland is promised a bright future under the direction of Sébastien and Annie-Claude Locas, who are playing an increasingly active role.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to work with plants. You could say I fell into it when I was little! I don’t think there was ever a plan B,”

Sébastien Locas, responsible for plant purchases

Trained in agricultural business management at McGill University, Sébastien officially joined the nursery in 2004, a year before his sister Annie-Claude, who now oversees human resources and advertising. Supported by their father, who is still very involved in the business, as well as their mother Marie-Andrée, both are gradually taking over the popular garden center on Sainte-Rose Boulevard, in Fabreville.

“Even though the business transfer is underway, we especially don’t want to change its nature: there won’t be a ‘before’ and ‘after’,” reveals the entrepreneur, before adding: “It’s really a continuation, because my sister and I feel that the nursery is already in our image.”

Sébastien Locas

Pépinière Locas, Laval
Pépinière Locas, Laval

A Shared Passion

If Pépinière Locas was among the first members of Groupex, Sébastien recounts that it drifted away for some time before coming back strongly in 2019.

“Alone, we might go faster, but together, we go much further! We realized how precious it is for us to be able to discuss with other entrepreneurs. In essence, Groupex is like a big family of enthusiasts, and everyone who is part of it is happy to exchange and share.”

Sébastien Locas

Sébastien also does not hesitate to share his passion for plants with his customers, who have evolved a lot over the years, and his team, which grows from 35 to 70 people during the high season. Due to high demand all year round, the nursery has chosen to stay open even in winter, thanks to its Christmas-themed offerings.

“I love the contact with plants, and I’m proud to produce quality plants. It brings me a lot of satisfaction! Our tropical plant greenhouse is really impressive, and we notice that people are coming from increasingly far for it,” he says enthusiastically. Sébastien is also pleased that tropical plants and urban agriculture are attracting more and more young enthusiasts, largely thanks to social media.

Since its foundation, Locas Nursery has evolved according to the trends and needs of its clientele: for example, the purchase of large trees to beautify spacious grounds has gradually given way to small planters and balcony containers, more suited to the demographic reality and densification of the Laval territory.

The family business has also started offering specialized products for chicken breeding, when it noticed the interest of residents, as well as a wider range of products for the vegetable garden – another practice that is gaining more followers. The company is also very interested in technical innovations, especially those that save water or avoid the use of pesticides.

Always on the lookout for new trends, Annie-Claude and Sébastien are not about to stop implementing innovations and products at Locas Nursery: “We’ve always loved observing what is done elsewhere. We’ve traveled a lot in Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to visit garden centers, get inspired, and propose new ideas back home in Laval.”

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