Meet at Paysalia: An Inspiring Journey with the Cooperative!

When you think of a business trip, you probably imagine endless meetings in impersonal conference rooms. At Groupex, it’s quite different! We have transformed the concept of a business trip to include enjoyment, inspiration, and learning.

When Paris and Lyon call us…

We are pleased to announce that our next inspirational trip will take place from December 2 to 9, where our lucky members will have the opportunity to visit not just one, but two iconic cities in France: Paris and Lyon!

A breathtaking program

For our participants, this trip will be an adventure filled with discoveries. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits them:

Visiting renowned companies in the field: Meeting with professionals who energize the industry and discovering behind the scenes of major players in landscaping. An ongoing project: Real-time observation of the transformation of a space, from idea to realization, and diving into the creative process. A completed project: Discovering the breathtaking achievements of our peers. Visiting landscaping schools: Exploring the places where the next generation of landscapers is trained, and having enriching exchanges with students and teachers.

Paysalia: More than a trade show, an experience!

But the highlight will undoubtedly be our participation in the very famous Paysalia show in Lyon. For those who don’t know, Paysalia is the leading trade show for the landscaping profession in France. It’s not just an exhibition space, it’s a true crossroads of innovations, trends, and exchanges for all landscape professionals. From conferences to demonstrations, including meetings with suppliers and industry experts, Paysalia is a must-attend event for any landscaper wanting to stay on top of their game.

The magic of the cooperative

Let me tell you, the success of this trip was not a surprise. In less than a month, all the registrations were completed. Why such enthusiasm? Because these trips are not just “trips.” They offer real added value in terms of learning, networking, and discovery. It’s the perfect opportunity for our members to step out of their comfort zone, acquire new skills, and get inspired by the best practices of the trade.

Are you envious?

For you reading this article thinking, “I should have been part of it,” I have news for you. These trips are exclusively reserved for members of our cooperative. The good news? It’s never too late to join us! Becoming a member means benefiting from a solid network, accessing valuable resources, and, of course, participating in our famous inspirational trips.

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