Cultivate prosperity

the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative is a network, but above all, it’s about the businesses, families and people that are connected to each other through a movement of entrepreneurial solidarity and bound by the desire to succeed as one.

Bound by

our growth

Groupex has been deeply rooted in the Canadian horticultural landscape since 1987..Since then, it has worked to help its member businesses grow and flourish. Today, there are more than 120 members that are all united by a common passion for horticulture and landscaping, they form a living, thriving network, where each member is an essential root of our collective growth.

We help our

members become

more prosperous

Groupex relies on the collective strength of its members. The well-being and prosperity of our communities are at the heart of our mission.


Enriching our network by cultivating mutual support

Become a Member

Our members are owners of large and small businesses . Each brings his or her own knowledge and experience to the table.

Become a Supplier

We connect over 180 carefully selected suppliers with our members, regardless of their geographical location.

Cultivating business together yields great results

Join our renowned brands, Maître Paysagiste and Passion Jardins, and benefit from their well-established reputation. You’ll also benefit from 360-degree marketing strategies and a variety of promotional media to strengthen and grow your business.

Maître Paysagiste

Our certified Maître Paysagiste are elite entrepreneurs in the field of landscaping across Quebec. They unite to raise standards, exchange ideas, with the determination to constantly renew themselves and the will to enhance the quality of their customer service.

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Passion Jardins

Passion Jardins encompasses 26 garden centers located throughout Quebec and Ontario. Its mission? To democratize gardening! By pooling its marketing resources, the brand enjoys greater national advertising power.

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The basic criteria for becoming a Member

You have :

  • The same values as us
  • A booming and vibrant gardening/landscape/deck building business
  • A mind full of ideas and the audacity to share them
  • $100,000 in annual purchasing capacity
  • Solid financial statements
  •  Positive working capital

That’s good; so do we!

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The basic criteria for becoming a Supplier

You have:

  • The same values as us
  • Delivery reliability: A solid reputation in terms of meeting delivery deadlines and reliability in supplying the products requested. Ability to supply a majority of our members.
  • Product quality: The products supplied must be of high quality, meet the standards and requirements specified, and conform to the members’ expectations.
  • Production or distribution capacity: The supplier must be able to meet the demand of all members in terms of production/distribution volume and the ability to adjust according to member demand
  • Competitive prices: As part of a buying group, members expect competitive prices so that they can maintain a reasonable profit margin while remaining competitive in the market.
  • Customer service: The supplier must provide excellent customer service, be responsive and proactive to member requests and provide adequate support in the event of a problem or question.
  • Respond to a need: Ensure that needs are filled in terms of the supply of goods and services to our members.
  • Reputation and references: The supplier’s reputation in the market, as well as their references from other customers can be taken into account to assess their credibility and professionalism.
  • Ability to innovate: A supplier that is capable of providing innovative solutions and proposing new products or improvements can be an asset for members and help them stand out from the competition.
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