Excellence and commitment honored at the annual congress of the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative

At the last annual congress of the Groupex horticultural cooperative, held on February 22 at the Entourage sur le Lac hotel, the horticultural community gathered to celebrate the excellence and commitment of its members. Hosted by comedian Jean-François Baril, the gala evening was an opportunity to highlight the members of the cooperative.

Deserved recognition for Manon Lavoie and Véronique Pepin

The Cooperator of the year award is a distinction given to Groupex members who have demonstrated exceptional involvement, contributing significantly to the growth and evolution of the cooperative and the horticultural sector. This year’s winners, Manon Lavoie and Véronique Pepin, stood out for their innovative initiative in training, showing remarkable commitment to cooperation and professional development. This award highlights the importance of individual commitment in serving collective goals, celebrating the synergy between entrepreneurship and cooperative values, essential for the success and sustainability of the cooperative.

Cooperator of the year, photo credit : Stéphane Bourgeois

Celebration of excellence and commitment

The evening was also an opportunity to present the Quercus trophies, recognizing member companies for their performance and commitment to the cooperative and its values. The winners, selected for their contribution to the growth and influence of Groupex, were praised for their strategic approach and active participation in the cooperative.

Among the highlights, the companies Serres Dame Nature and Multi Vrac Écono were honored for their exceptional belonging and dedication to the gardening sector, while Réflexe Paysage and Regard Vert were rewarded for their excellence in the landscaping sector. Serres Laliberté landscaper and garden center and Horti-Plus were also honored for their commitment and contribution to the sector.

Réflex Paysage ,Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois
Regard Vert, Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois
Serres Laliberté, Photo : Stéphane Bourgeois

Commitment to Sustainable Development

The company Repères was honored with the Quercus for Sustainable Development at the annual Groupex congress, highlighting its deep commitment to sustainable development. Repères stands out for its innovative projects, such as the creation of a community garden in collaboration with the Collaborative Gardens, using a gravity-fed irrigation system. Additionally, the company designed an outdoor festive space using recycled materials, demonstrating its commitment to the environment. These initiatives illustrate Repères’ holistic approach, integrating sustainability into its operations while making a positive contribution to its community and the environment.

Celebration of Youth and innovation

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award was given to the horticultural center Foliflor, highlighting the dynamism and creativity of this young enterprise that brings innovative ideas and a breath of fresh air to the sector.

The success of this evening reflects the spirit of collaboration and innovation that drives the Groupex horticultural cooperative, and confirms its essential role in supporting and valuing professionals in the sector.