Bergeron Paysagiste : Happiness is on the construction site

Over the past 26 years, Stevens Bergeron’s landscaping company has grown significantly, whether through adding services like snow removal or acquiring businesses. Looking back at the major milestones of a very fulfilling journey.

“It has always been clear to me that I wanted to be my own boss,” asserts Stevens Bergeron, who now heads the Lévis companies Paysages Bergeron and Entreprises S. Bergeron, offering a wide variety of residential and commercial services today.

But at 11 years old, when he started mowing his neighbors’ lawns after delivering newspapers in his neighborhood (all to later buy a scooter!), he couldn’t imagine the extent of his entrepreneurial adventure. Founded in 1996, Bergeron Landscaping has never stopped growing and diversifying its fields of activity… up to today.

 “I had my first employees at 13 years old! Since then, we’ve grown to 64 employees, sometimes managing 12 sites at the same time… After so much growth, I decided to reorganize the company to be closer to people. It reignites the flame!” he tells, clearly still very passionate about his work.

Stevens Bergeron, owner

“I want to focus our efforts on our prestige landscaping projects,” says Stevens, mentioning two particularly ambitious high-end residential projects he’s eager to present, at Lac-Beauport and Saint-Agapit. “It’s a service in high demand, and we’re happy to be able to serve a very demanding clientele. In short, it’s now time to grow instead of just getting bigger!”

Summer 2022 Achievement
Bergeron Paysagiste – certified Master Landscaper

Back to the Roots

At the time of our conversation, Stevens was delighted to have recently returned to directing operations, visiting sites, and having direct contact with people, aspects he missed in recent years.

The entrepreneur, who now wears multiple hats, recalls that his very first training was a DEP in heavy machinery mechanics, followed by a diploma in landscaping at Fierbourg. He then refined his knowledge in entrepreneurship, acquiring his RBQ Construction license along the way. And finally, from 2014 to 2016, he completed the Elite course at the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce.

Of all the training I’ve done, my best experience was at the School of Entrepreneurship. It was a great way to meet people, network, break out of isolation. It’s partly for the same reasons I joined Groupex: the ‘family’ aspect we find there

Stevens Bergeron

Stevens emphasizes the importance of staying in touch with his peers. He does this through the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise (now EntreChefs PME) and the Maison des leaders.

Key Moments

One of the major steps in the growth of Bergeron Landscaping was the creation of a snow removal division, mainly to provide year-round work for its employees. The service was first offered to individuals, before being redirected exclusively to the commercial sector – for example, shopping center parking lots, and today those of the Valero (Jean-Gaulin) refinery in Lévis.

Other major events were the acquisition of Embellissement des 2 rives – Teronet and then Monsieur Patio. “It’s a bit special because at the end of my studies, it was at Teronet where I had my internship. It had remained a model for me: I wanted to start a company that resembled that!”

According to Stevens, this acquisition went very smoothly, largely because his director Mehdi El Gaied and he share the same values. “We’ve known each other for 20 years! I’m very proud to have him today as director of sales and design. We’ve always had a very good relationship.”

All aspects of Entreprises S. Bergeron are now managed with the same attention to detail. “Both for landscaping and snow removal, we’re proud to offer our clients a turnkey service. We do everything to give them peace of mind. Well-done work, reliability, these are part of our values and I hold them dear!”