André Carbonneau gardens celebrate their 50th anniversary

Since 1972, gardening enthusiasts from Mauricie and Lanaudière have been meeting at Jardins André Carbonneau. What are the secrets behind its success and longevity? André Carbonneau, owner and producer, talks about his journey, his team, and his love for his profession.

When he took over the direction of the company founded by his parents, Alexandre and Marie-Jeanne (formerly Regional Garden Center of Louiseville), at the turn of the 90s, André Carbonneau had no idea that he would one day develop such a great passion for plant production. “For me, taking over the family business was the easy way… almost lazy!” laughs the entrepreneur from Louiseville.

Seriously, from the age of 10 or 12, I followed my parents everywhere, and I learned so much that it almost became natural, continues the man who still pursued training in ornamental horticulture and landscaping. Later, there was an opportunity and I seized it – but I was far from being as passionate as I am today. That came later. I thought: “Wow, now I’ve really found my passion!

André Carbonneau, Owner

Formerly equipped with three landscaping teams, Jardins André Carbonneau got rid of this aspect 14 years ago to focus on production and retail. Over the decades, the area of their greenhouses has more than decupled. “I’ve reached a point in my life where I focus on what I love. Landscaping no longer excited me and I don’t regret stopping. Some people love money, I love plants! And it’s important for me to sell products that make me proud,” he says.

Finding what we are passionate about – or loving what we do – is perhaps the first “secret” to growing a popular garden center for several decades, which continues to attract people from all over Quebec. Whether it’s for advice, to buy products, or to find a job that makes them happy.

A Crucial Surrounding

André, Danielle, Mireille

André’s second “secret” is probably knowing how to be well surrounded. The company, which now has about a dozen employees, can count on a very solid core of indispensable people. “We don’t really know about labor shortages! We even recently welcomed two girls who left Montreal to come here. I’m lucky, people want to work with us.”

Listening to him praise the work of Danielle, the manager who has been supporting him for over 20 years, or that of Mireille (for 15 years) and Lyne (for 18 years), you can feel the entrepreneur’s pride in his loyal team. There’s also Lisette, who has been collaborating with André every spring for 25 years.

During the pandemic, I decided to close the company during the busiest weeks of the year to protect my people. That was much more important!” says André, who became known throughout the province at the beginning of the health crisis thanks to a viral video.

André Carbonneau, Owner

Another major aspect for André is networking – whether via Groupex, of which he has been a member since 1999, or other horticultural or municipal groups in Mauricie. “In my life, I’ve had the chance to meet and see excellent producers at work. They gave me lots of tips and advice. Helping each other and being around winners is essential!” says André, recounting how being able to exchange with other entrepreneurs and lend each other equipment during the COVID-19 crisis made all the difference.

These days, Jardins André Carbonneau stands out a lot thanks to their very dynamic Facebook page, followed by tens of thousands of people. “Our page plays a big role in making us known and staying in touch. There are even people who came to see us from Beauce the other day because they discovered us like that!” Filled with photos and videos animated by André and Mireille, this page generates immense participation from customers, who comment and talk with their favorite garden center. “That’s another aspect I love: chatting, sharing with people. We’re going to continue, that’s for sure!”

Another project that occupies André and his team is the start of a major renovation aimed at making their facilities more eco-friendly, notably by eliminating heating oil and recovering water. “The Gardens will become as green as possible. This is a project that is close to my heart… for the environment, but also for our quality of life and our pleasure in working here!” A initiative to follow during the year 2022 – on site and on Facebook!



ith a touch of humor and a lot of originality, the Louiseville company never hesitates to pay tribute to its founders: André’s parents and his uncle Bruno, a great tomato enthusiast. The garden center contains amusing commemorative plaques and little touches that recall the family history of Jardins André Carbonneau.

Mireille, a friendly team member (well known to the public, particularly thanks to the video capsules on Facebook!), shares one of her favorite anecdotes: the rose of Marie-Jeanne.

“It’s a tradition started by Alexandre, André’s father. Every year, he would offer the first rose that bloomed to his wife Marie-Jeanne. However, he also liked to play the comedian by offering other roses to his customers to make them smile! André continued the tradition: every May, we put the “sold” label on the most mature rose bush, then André goes to place the rose on his mother’s grave. The first rose is, and will always be, Marie-Jeanne’s rose.”

The “BRUNO” tomatoes
Rose de Marie Jeanne
André and a rose bush
Marie-Jeanne’s rose