Under a mild sky, Magali Boutroy, Sustainable Development Officer for the Coop, attended the press conference held on May 1st by Scotts Canada Ltd, Modix Plastique Inc., and Balcan Packaging, a division of Balcan Innovations Inc. They unveiled the results of an exceptional partnership in which an experiment allowed the integration of recycled resin into flexible plastic packaging. This collaboration, which began in 2022, focused on the ambitious project of developing a circular economy for the peat packaging used by Scotts Canada. The goal? To integrate 25% post-consumer recycled resin into the packaging, thereby creating a closed loop using plastics recovered from the company’s sites.

Modix Plastique Inc, positions itself as a key player in the development of recycling and value-enhancement initiatives for post-consumer flexible plastic packaging across several sectors. The current project is a fine example of success in a sector where recovered plastics, due to their contamination with organic material, were orphaned and thus destined for export or landfill.

Emballages Balcan, for its part, has developed expertise in reducing the environmental impacts of its packaging. The implementation of Balcan Innovations’ solutions through this project will serve as an inspiring example for other culture substrate producers and companies in other product categories

Scotts Canada, a major supplier of consumer products for amateur gardening as well as for the professional horticulture sector in Canada, has integrated these innovative practices into its production by applying these advances to its peat packaging. Scotts Canada’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond improving its own products; the company also manufactures soil mixes, composts, and fertilizers for our Passion Jardins brand, owned by the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative.

Phase 2 : Passion Jardins Private Label Products

In Phase 2 of this ambitious project led by Scotts Canada, the Groupex Horticultural Cooperative is initiating a significant change concerning the packaging of our private label, Passion Jardins, to integrate up to 30% post-consumer recycled resins. This ongoing project marks a further step towards increasingly sustainable practices, aligned with our commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of the circular economy.

This day provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, highlighting the importance of cross-sector collaboration. Experts shared their views on the technological and logistical necessities to achieve these ambitious goals, as well as the importance of ongoing communication between all partners involved. This partnership is an exemplary model for other industries, demonstrating that innovation and cooperation can truly transform business practices towards greater sustainability. For Groupex, it is a pride to be part of this advancement, and we are eager to see the positive impact of these bags on our environment and on our customers’ satisfaction. Our commitment to this initiative is a testament to our dedication to promoting practices that respect and preserve our planet for future generations